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The A-Talent platform is an initiative of the A-Talent Foundation.

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Our Vision

We strive for a society in which people with autism are full members. In which “being different” and neurodiversity are considered normal.

Our Mission

Empowering children and young adults with autism to build their self-confidence and

ANBI Status

A-Talent Foundation has ANBI status. This means that the directors receive no remuneration for their work and at least 90% of the Foundation’s activities serve the public interest. Therefore, you can be confident that your donation will be fully used for its intended purpose.

Deductibility of gifts

Aftrekbaarheid van giften In this way, the tax authorities want to encourage social involvement. For terms and conditions, please visit


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The occasion

In our society, autism is still often seen as a disability. ‘Being different from normal’ takes on a negative connotation that leaves many children/young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) convinced that they are not good enough. Low self-esteem and psychological problems are the result. About 78% of adolescents with ASD struggle with this. Among young people without autism, the figure is 14.1%.

Our Initiative

We focus on the positive side, on what does go well. We do this through a special platform with a community attached. Participants can connect with each other and exchange experiences. We encourage them to further develop their talent and provide various tools to do so. Not only online, but also offline. In doing so, we collaborate as much as possible with existing, regional initiatives.

Our target group

For now, we are focusing on children and young adults with autism who are between the ages of 4 and 25. However, we do not turn away older people who apply. Our society, albeit indirectly, is also a target group. We want to make people aware that people with ASD deserve their own place in society because of their unique qualities, skills and talents. In doing so, they can make a valuable contribution.

Intended Results

We hope to grow the self-confidence of our talents and increase their resilience. Being part of a community decreases feelings of loneliness. Feeling worthwhile makes it easier to participate in society.

Here you can read more about our approach. At the bottom of this page, you can watch our kick-off webinar in which we’ll discuss even more
provide more text and explanation.

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Check out our kick-off webinar!

Saturday, March 12 was our kick-off webinar. In the webinar, we explain what A-Talent Foundation can do for you. Several experts will also speak, explaining from science and practice why it is so important to focus on your talent. You can watch the webinar back here on the right!

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