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People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often have unique qualities, characteristics and talents. Yet they often don’t experience it that way themselves. They do not see their own talents and sometimes find it difficult to participate in “normal” society. It’s all about what’s not going well. At A-Talent, we turn it around and focus precisely on what you are good at.

But what if you have doubts about whether you have a talent? So can you turn to A-Talent? Sure. We know better than anyone how insecure you can feel. Our question to you is: do you feel like finding out? We organize inspiring activities and help you on your quest. When you join our community you can spar with other participants and help each other out.

Your talent didn’t just come to you. You have worked hard to get where you are today. And you’re a blast at it. In what? Maybe you make beautiful drawings or photographs, excel at sports or programming. But whatever it is – we’ll help you grow even further. Maybe you can make it your profession. A-Talent supports and encourages you and your talent.

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What we stand for

Children and young adults on the autistic spectrum deserve a full place in society. Their unique talents are invaluable. A-Talent focuses on that and offers all kinds of tools to build on that talent. As a result, not only does talent grow, but so does self-confidence and the ability to function independently.

Our talents have much to offer the world, and we want to actively promote that message. This is how we address prevailing prejudices and create a society where there is room for everyone.

What we do

A-Talent puts your talent in the spotlight. On your profile page you can show what you are good at. But even if you don’t yet know where your talent lies, you can come to us. Because we hold workshops and meetings to inspire and encourage you. You become part of a community where people learn from each other, help each other along the way. Depending on your own ambitions and capabilities, we offer you tailored support and advice.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Albert Einstein


Technology and Digital




Science and knowledge

Dance and acting

Our A-Talents

Quinten is ten years old, lives in Amsterdam and has autism. His love of mathematics is reflected in the geometric shapes he draws. Quinten’s drawings are printed on the first series of Quinten-Art products. Quinten is super proud of that!

When Lukas is not painting or drawing he prefers to be outside in nature or in the beautiful city where he lives. He gets his inspiration from the daily things he experiences but also from pictures he finds on the internet and which he transforms into his very own imaginative, expressive style.

Milan is a photographer. One that strives for absolute perfection. Unlike many contemporaries who choose quantity over quality, Milan can lose himself in perfecting a specific image.

Tessel (17 years old) was born in Amsterdam and has actually been drawing as long as she can remember. In addition to drawing in various, mixed media, she also enjoys experimenting with graphic techniques such as screen printing, etching and linocuts.

Sterre is 16 years old and is a STAR in drawing. She is a nice girl with an open and social attitude. At first glance, nothing at all to note. But Sterre sometimes has trouble meeting the expectations of others.

Luuk’s playground is his laptop His hunger for knowledge and new developments seems almost insatiable. Whether it’s game design, photo editing or functional design.

Curious about how we work?

Check out our kick-off webinar!

Saturday, March 12 was our kick-off webinar. In the webinar, we explain what A-Talent Foundation can do for you. Several experts will also speak, explaining from science and practice why it is so important to focus on your talent. You can watch the webinar back here on the right!

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Quinten He is ten years old and lives in Amsterdam. His hobbies are math, physics and drawing. Quinten has autism which sometimes makes him overexcited. When he draws, he can filter out the hustle and

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Quinten He is ten years old and lives in Amsterdam. His hobbies are math, physics and drawing. Quinten has autism which sometimes makes him overexcited. When he draws, he can filter out the hustle and

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