Sterre is 16 years old and is a STAR in drawing. She is a nice girl with an open and social attitude. At first glance, nothing at all to note. But Sterre sometimes has trouble meeting the expectations of others. She would like to do that too, but it doesn’t always work out. As a result, she often has to justify herself. That’s why she feels it’s important to call attention to young people with autism. She wants to show more positive sides of autism.

Sterre and her talent drawing

Sterre likes to show her creativity through the drawings she makes. Her love of drawing can be seen in her drawings through the beautiful details she has added. She prefers to work with a marker and create beautiful abstract drawings. In Sterre’s case, autism provides a great spatial understanding and eye for detail. As a result, Sterre has a super creative view of the world. You can also see this well in her drawings.

Sterre laat haar creativiteit graag zien in de tekeningen die ze maakt.

Everyone has to justify why you are doing something or why something is not working out for a while. For Sterre, this is daily business. She often has to tell people what she can’t do. But there is so much she can do and in which she rises above herself or others. This is often not asked or looked at. Talent is something that makes Sterre happy and energized. She likes to wake up for it and likes to spend the whole day with it.