Frequently Asked Questions


It is important to emphasize what someone can do instead of focusing on ‘inability’. Research shows that focusing on talent contributes to self-esteem and overall well-being.

A-Talent offers the ideal mix between online and offline activities. Collaboration with local initiatives, spread across the country, is undertaken where possible. This makes it possible for everyone to participate.

We want to encourage and support children and young adults with autism so that their self-image improves and their independence and self-reliance increases. We also want to propagate that people with autism can make a valuable contribution to society, provided one is willing to facilitate them in the right way.

Participation is free. Our foundation finances its activities by recruiting donors and sponsors.

Sure. On our foundation’swebsite, we show crystal clear what our budget looks like. We have ANBI status which means, among other things, that our board receives compensation only for the expenses they incur.

Target group

Children and young adults with autism between the ages of 4-25 within the Netherlands (and eventually beyond) can apply and participate. Even if you don’t know (yet) what your talent is. Because it is not mandatory to create a profile page. You can participate in all the activities we organize and become a member of our community.
Can you apply if you are over the age of 25? Yes, you can! We don’t have funding to create a profile page yet, but you can participate in all the activities.

Sure. Everyone can participate. Our platform is not only designed to help top talents with their further development. It is equally designed to help people discover where their talent lies and support them to discover it. And our community makes it easy to connect with like-minded people.

Young people with autism often have a negative self-image, are very shy or set the bar too high for themselves. Subscribing to the platform is a (too) big step for them. Yet we invite precisely them to do so as well. Participation is also possible without a profile page. We offer a variety of activities aimed at eliminating low self-esteem and strengthening self-esteem. Hopefully this will inspire the more shy children to join in as well.

No, no one can. Your child needs to gain that awareness himself. We know from experience how difficult it is to reverse a negative self-image. There is no standard approach to this and therefore we cannot offer one. Everything starts with taking the first step and we have tried to make it as easy as possible. Our platform is very accessible: someone can passively ‘participate’ and in this way gain knowledge and learn from the experiences of others. How do they handle things? How did they address certain issues? Do they have any tips and tricks? A participant in our platform has access to all this (and more) without having to be in the foreground for it. He or she decides when it is time to take the next step, if any.


We have a program for everyone who applies. You can participate in online workshops, events and receive newsletters with the latest news. If we exceed 75 applications per year we will put you on a waiting list. Once we have sufficient funding we will proceed with the creation of the profiles.profile pages

That’s up to you. Once you ask us to remove your profile page, we will. Do you want to have texts, photos or videos edited? Let us know.

You will receive a welcome packet and be able to sign up for all the activities we
organizing. You can also, but this is not mandatory, have a profile page created in which you
and your talent at its core. We are currently in the process of setting up a web shop. If you have products that you want to sell, you can offer them through the webshop. And in time, you can participate in specialized training through our online academy. For more information, visit Our Approach

Other questions

This information will only be used by us by to send the welcome pack, send newsletters and to contact you about your profile page (if you wish).

We are working on that right now. Once it is ready, we will share it through our platform. Om op de hoogte te blijven van al onze activiteiten kun je je het beste aanmelden voor onze nieuwsbrief. Dit kun je hier onderaan de pagina doen.

We are currently thinking about setting up an online academy where specialized courses will be taught. The idea is to award micro credits or diplomas upon completion.

At this time, linking coaches is not part of our service offering.

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