The A-talent talent platform is here to inspire, encourage and support young talent with autism. The following rules apply on our platform:

  1. Any talent with autism may participate, but our target group for now is between 4 and 25 years old.
  2. If you are under the age of 18, it is important to obtain parental permission to enroll.

  3. On the platform and our social media, we treat each other with respect. We pay close attention to that. If you do not feel well treated: please let us know through one of our contact options.

  4. It costs nothing to participate.

  5. Signing up does not require anything, all activities are optional.

  6. We like to measure the impact of what we do, so we would love it if you (or your parents) would fill out a short survey every 6 months.

  7. Our offerings consist of two categories:

I. For all

II. For top talents

  1. Everyone who signs up becomes part of our network and gets:

I. A welcome package

II.Access to online workshops



V.Membership community

A profile page on the platform (but it is not mandatory)

  1. We have a special offer for top talents. They are chosen by an independent committee. This also determines which talent category the talent belongs in. For top talents, we offer customized support, for example:

I. Loaning of equipment

II. Offering software subscriptions

III. Professional scanning of artwork

IV.Making portfolio

V. Lessons from pros in business

VI.Specialized online courses

VII. Assignments from business

VIII. Manufacturing of products

IX. Possibility to sell products in our webshop

Talent-focused marketing through social media.

  1. Because A-Talent depends on donors and sponsors, the level of support naturally depends on our available resources. In addition, we also pay attention to ensuring that there is a balance in terms of talents in the different talent categories that we use.
  2. For talents with a profile page, the following applies:

We ask for prior permission to publish your photos on the platform, social media or other channels

I.You may always have the pictures or the text changed

II.You may always have your profile deleted

III.You indemnify us from copyright rights

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